SunF A033 "Power I" Tire Bundle Set

  • Pre-made tire bundles for your convenience! If you don't see the tire set you need, please contact us.
  • Angled knobby tread design is great in most terrain with high response on trails.
  • Suitable for desert, mud, dirt and rock applications.
  • Lug depth and pattern offers enhanced skit and traction control.
  • Aggressive shoulder knobs provide superb side bite and traction with added protection to rim and sidewall. Truly a great ALL TERRAIN tire at an affordable price (compared to Maxxis Bighorn).
  • Direct replacement tire for most OEM applications: ATV, UTV, Side by Side (SxS), Go Kart, Golf Cart, Lawn Mower, Japanese Mini Trucks & more!
  • Available in sizes ranging from 22 inch to 30 inch. Rim(s) not included.
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Size Weight Ply Rating Tread Depth Operating Pressure Load Capacity (lbs) Diameter Width Rim Size
22x7-1215lbs618mm7 PSI638 (290kg)22 in7 in12 in
22x10-1220lbs618mm7 PSI737 (335kg)22 in10 in12 in
23x8-1118lbs618mm14 PSI23 in8 in11 in
24x8-1121lbs618mm14 PSI310 (140kg)24 in8 in11 in
24x8-1218lbs618mm14 PSI638 (290kg)24 in8 in12 in
24x9-1121.5lbs617mm14 PSI24 in9 in11 in
24x10-1124lbs618mm14 PSI737 (335kg)24 in10 in11 in
24x10-1222lbs617mm14 PSI24 in10 in12 in
24x11-1024lbs618mm14 PSI737 (335kg)24 in11 in10 in
25x8-1122lbs617mm14 PSI25 in8 in11 in
25x8-1220lbs621mm14 PSI638 (290kg)25 in8 in12 in
25x10-1123lbs618mm14 PSI25 in10 in11 in
25x10-1226lbs621mm14 PSI737 (335kg)25 in10 in12 in
25x11-1027lbs621mm14 PSI737 (335kg)25 in11 in10 in
25x11-1228.6lbs619mm14 PSI737 (335kg)25 in11 in12 in
25x12-929lbs619mm14 PSI25 in12 in9 in
26x8-1223lbs621mm14 PSI660 (300kg)26 in8 in12 in
26x9-1226lbs621mm14 PSI638 (290kg)26 in9 in12 in
26x9-1424lbs618mm14 PSI638 (290kg)26 in9 in14 in
26x10-1226lbs621mm14 PSI660 (300kg)26 in10 in12 in
26x11-1230lbs621mm14 PSI737 (335kg)26 in11 in12 in
26x11-1427lbs619mm14 PSI737 (335kg)26 in11 in14 in
27x9-1227lbs619mm14 PSI638 (290kg)27 in9 in12 in
27x9-1429lbs621mm14 PSI638 (290kg)27 in9 in14 in
27x11-1234lbs620mm14 PSI737 (335kg)27 in11 in12 in
27x11-1432lbs621mm14 PSI737 (335kg)27 in11 in14 in
28x9-1230lbs621mm14 PSI638 (290kg)28 in9 in12 in
28x11-1236lbs621mm14 PSI737 (335kg)28 in11 in12 in
29x9-1434lbs621mm14 PSI638 (290kg)29 in9 in14 in
29x11-1442lbs621mm14 PSI737 (335kg)29 in11 in14 in
30x10R1435.2lbs821mm18 PSI30 in10 in14 in

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