SunF A024 Tires

  • 6 Ply Rated
  • Deep, widely spaced tread bars shed mud to provide traction
  • Angled shoulder lugs provide unmatched mud traction
  • High grade rubber compound brings the ultimate in traction and excellent tread life wear
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Size Weight Ply Rating Tread Depth Operating Pressure Load Capacity (lbs) Diameter Width Rim Size
22x11-923lbs625.4mm7 PSI385 (175kg)22 in11 in9 in
23x8-1118lbs625.4mm7 PSI330 (150kg)23 in8 in11 in
25x8-1221lbs618mm14 PSI340 (155kg)25 in8 in12 in
25x10-1224lbs619mm14 PSI420 (190kg)25 in10 in12 in

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