Bias Ply or Radial Tires, which is right for me?

Bias Ply or Radial Tires, which is right for me?

Are bias ply or radial tires better? A common question we get from our customers. There is no right or wrong here, it simply depends on what you will be using them for. Majority of our catalog consists of bias ply tires.

Radial tires oftentimes have tread areas reinforced with steel belts making them resistant to punctures. However, this also makes them heavier and with weaker sidewalls. A fair amount of punctures will happen right along the shoulder where the tread meets the sidewall.

Bias ply tires are lighter, more forgiving and versatile.

Bias ply tire features:

  • Nylon belts instead of steel, making them lighter without lowering performance.
  • Why is a lighter tire important?
    A lighter tire allows you to put your vehicles horsepower to the ground faster and reliably without putting extra stress on your drivetrain.
    • Reduces unsprang weight: Improves suspension performance and durability.
    • Less rotating mass: Faster acceleration and allows you to put more of your horsepower to the ground.
    • Less stress on your drivetrain.