SunF A003 Tires

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  • Lightweight, durable 6 Ply Rated construction
  • Multi-directional tread design offers traction in both muddy and sandy terrain
  • Multi-purpose design offers versatile application options
  • Construction resists punctures and abrasions when riding for fun or racing.
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Customer Reviews

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James G
Great tire, but the A051 are better

bought the 21x7-8 for an offroad minibike because they are bigger than the 19x7-8 A051 and i hoped with the flatter tread pattern leaving more surface area would do better in sand and mud. they do perform really good but i feel the A051 are better overall. the lugs on the A051 are deeper than the A003 and seem to find grip better in very loose stuff.

the tread is very flat so expect to loose some ability to corner into turns if used on a minibike. they are better for a 4 wheeled application unless you have a specific need like i do

still recommend these but the A051 are a beast. just wish they were offered in a 21x7-8 or bigger

David W Morgan
Great improvement!

Great improvement over the stock tires (turf saver) now my lawn tractor is like a ATV climbs wet grass hills without a problem. National Tire installed them for free.


These are great tires. I put them on my old tractor because the original tires finally gave out and the slime was oozing through them sidewalls. They look sweet and have much better traction than the standard turf tires. I'm going the get them for my other tractor soon.

Mark borden
Good tires

Great traction when grass is wet I have a hill in my back yard tractor gose up it no problem at all.

earl coleman
great on hilly terrain and wet surface

arrived quickly. had to take to tire dealer to install on rims. great on my hills and slops with no damage to grass would buy again.

sunf story

We have now about 300 variations of tires which our customers can select from. Our brand SUNF has achieved the highest reputation on the market. We use the latest technology to help improve quality and reduce product cost. Our factory holds ISO9001-2000,CCC, E4 and DOT certifications.

greatest reviews


It will enable me to dominate the mud! Quick and easy shipping. These tires look really rugged and I can’t wait to try them out! I'll buy these tires agian!

Daniel Watson
Los Angeles, CA

Highly recommend this set for a general terrain option. Enough bite to get through decent sized mud holes but also practical for long distance dry packed rides!


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