SunF A016 Tires Pair Set

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  • 6 Ply Rated
  • V-shaped tread block design offers superior steering control and braking
  • Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value
  • Great steering response and smooth ride
  • Solid knob design improves traction and reduces tread squirm
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Customer Reviews

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I like the added traction these tires give my zero turn lawnmower. I will admit, you have to be careful on sharp turns but whos going 30 mph cutting grass anyways?

Mark M.
Works well

Put these on my zero-turn mower. Works much better than turf tires, as far as traction. Doesnt tear up the grass as long as you use your head. They were a bit of a chore to get mounted. Overall, very satisfied.

Great for Zero Turn Mower

Bought these for my ego z6 mower. The stock tires say a different size but these fit fine. I had to have a shop mount them for me though. I no longer slide around and have plenty of traction. Love them!

James Moran
Five Stars

Great price and they look great on my grandson's gokart.

Brandon Scriber
Great tires!

Great tires, fantastic styling and amazing tread. Had some hard times getting them to mount but I think that might be because I put them on 8.5inch wide wheels. Couldn't get the bead to sit but was so very close. Maybe that extra .5 inches is what made the difference seeing they say these are good for 8 inch wide wheels. I went down to Harbor freight and grabbed some 18x8 tire tubes and put them inside tire and they inflated up perfect. Took the Go Kart out this weekend and the tires held up to a beating of a road including mud, rocks and tree branches.

sunf story

We have now about 300 variations of tires which our customers can select from. Our brand SUNF has achieved the highest reputation on the market. We use the latest technology to help improve quality and reduce product cost. Our factory holds ISO9001-2000,CCC, E4 and DOT certifications.

greatest reviews


It will enable me to dominate the mud! Quick and easy shipping. These tires look really rugged and I can’t wait to try them out! I'll buy these tires agian!

Daniel Watson
Los Angeles, CA

Highly recommend this set for a general terrain option. Enough bite to get through decent sized mud holes but also practical for long distance dry packed rides!


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