SunF A035 Tires

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  • 6 Ply Rated
  • Each knob is reinforced for superior tracking and cornering
  • Angled tread knobs on rear tire offer excellent traction
  • Lightweight and puncture resistant
  • Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value
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Customer Reviews

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Unhappy John
Great Traction Tire

My Husqvarna Z4219 mower will now go wherever I want it to go on dry or wet grass. Tires do not slip or spin on inclines like before. I mounted them on a new set of OCELOT steel wheels. These tire are working out better then I hoped.

Mary Yates
Good deal!

It is good quality!

Brian Meyette
great traction on my riding mower

I put a pair of these onto my riding mower. These are slightly larger than stock (x10 vs x9), and just barely clear the mower deck. Huge traction improvement compared to the old tires. While I had the old tires off, I used each wheel as a mould and filled both sides of each wheel with molten lead, then bolted the lead blocks in place once they had hardened. Each wheel & tire now weighs about 100 pounds. Massive traction! No more jumping up & down on the seat to try to stop wheel spin when mowing rough terrain. Even without the lead, I recommend these tires. They look good, have nice deep lugs, and give good traction.

Good quality, soft rubber

The compound is very soft which is why they dont last long, but you cant have good traction from a soft tire and have it last.. Would purchase again for my (off road ) golf cart.....

sunf story

We have now about 300 variations of tires which our customers can select from. Our brand SUNF has achieved the highest reputation on the market. We use the latest technology to help improve quality and reduce product cost. Our factory holds ISO9001-2000,CCC, E4 and DOT certifications.

greatest reviews


It will enable me to dominate the mud! Quick and easy shipping. These tires look really rugged and I can’t wait to try them out! I'll buy these tires agian!

Daniel Watson
Los Angeles, CA

Highly recommend this set for a general terrain option. Enough bite to get through decent sized mud holes but also practical for long distance dry packed rides!


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