SunF G003 Tires

  • Non-directional tread design great in most terrain. A perfect replacement tire for your quad ATV.
  • Designed for controlled sliding and extra stability. Extra shoulder knobs for rim and sidewall protection.
  • Great tire for golf carts & lawn mowers.
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Size Weight Ply Rating Tread Depth Operating Pressure Load Capacity (lbs) Diameter Width Rim Size
20x10-817lbs416mm20 PSI20 in10 in8 in
21x7-1012.7lbs413mm20 PSI21 in7 in10 in
22x11-821lbs415mm20 PSI22 in11 in8 in
22x11-1020lbs415.2mm20 PSI1325 (600kg)22 in11 in10 in
23x10.5-1222lbs415.2mm20 PSI1320 (600kg)23 in11 in12 in
23x10.5-1420.4lbs415mm20 PSI1165 (530kg)23 in10.5 in14 in
23x11-1023lbs415.2mm20 PSI1470 (670kg)23 in11 in10 in
25x10-1224.6lbs415.2mm22 PSI1610 (730kg)25 in10 in12 in
25x10.5-1225.3lbs415mm20 PSI1320 (600kg)25 in10.5 in12 in

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